Social Justice

If you were asked to describe who Jesus was, what would you say? Many people might reply that Jesus was loving, caring, humble, and forgiving. While these adjectives could describe Jesus, I would add that Jesus was persistent, challenging, and willing to take risks. In other words, Jesus was a social activist. He threatened people in power by challenging world views and asking hard questions regarding the motives and desires of the temple leaders. While pushing the boundaries of the status quo, he championed the cause of people without power.

Members of the congregation at Old South Church have long been advocates for social justice.  When you arrived at the church today, you will see a banner that hangs from the pillars at the top of the front stairs. It proudly announces this mission of sacred activism.

Recent events have created a greater sense of urgency in our call for social justice. A key component to being an activist/advocate/ally is to understand how we got here in the first place, acknowledging the truth of our own history so that we can have difficult conversations together and create pathways to healing.

Following Jesus is not always the easy thing to do. By examining ourselves and pushing to know what Christ wants from us, we are working to living into who Christ was.

OSC Racial Justice Vigil on Wednesday Evenings- Join us for our weekly racial justice vigils on Wednesdays from 6pm-6:30pm.