February 2023

What are you giving up for Lent?

The season of lent is now upon us. As you all know, on Wednesday, February 22, we embarked on a journey of prayer and fasting for the next 40 days. During lent, we remember the time Jesus was in the wilderness praying, fasting, and facing the forces of evil that wanted to frustrate Him while preparing for his ministry. Today, we are called to reflect on our faith journey, our relationship with God and one another, and how we can be faithful disciples of the word.

Traditionally, many people talk about giving up chocolate or coffee during lent. It's effortless to think and talk about lent in this way, but I now encourage you to give up the sporadic worship service attendance for this time. I am inviting you to attend church and hold a great conversation on the topic "Why are we a Church?" As we walk with Christ during this season, let us ask ourselves profound questions and find answers to help define, inform, and shape our faith in God.  

We will continue to offer zoom services during this time of lent, but I would encourage people to attend church in person. Coming together in an intimate setting to discuss this topic will help us to forge a clear way forward for our future as a church. Please consider my invitation and see you soon. 

Pastor Ezra.